Portrait of SALSAGUMTAPE (Since 1994)

It is the one of the most important "barrier-free" Rock&Roll band in Japan. The members consist of those with intellectual disabilities and those without disabilities. They make the extremely happy sounds in perfect harmony. They play mainly Latin percussion instruments. They overcome the disabilities and make passionate beats with primitive emotions. The members express (or give) hopes and joy of life, supported by deep love, which Rock&Roll contains in itself.

 The name comes from the fact that they started with the hand-made drums made of plastic bucket called "Poli-bucket" in Japan. There are about 20 members in the band. The band formed in 1994, and has been performing nationwide for 16 years. They have come to be widely accepted around Japan for their music, regardless of the fact that half of the members have some disabilities.
 They played for Japan’s public broadcaster NHK’s renowned TV program "MINNA-NO UTA" (Songs for Everyone"). They have also made CDs with a Rock&Roll superstar and performed in some major open-air Rock Festivals among many ordinary bands. SALSAGUMTAPE made concert tours to Sweden and Koria. Those performances have won popularity. Members send joyful messages to the audiences.
 They break the oppressive atmosphere, covering the world with their true joyful Rock&Roll. If you listen to the sound, you will find the harmony and the life in peace all over the world.

Notes: It is not a Salsa music band. Their music is based on the Rock&Roll.

Surdo=a kind of folk music drum, Timbales=a kind of latin drum, Bamboo, Jembe, Snare Drums, Standing Drums, Drums, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Vocal, Dance
and more R&R performance

Hi!! From Mamas of SALSAGUMTAPE

 We, "Mamas", are very proud of our children.
 Once or twice a month after school or work, they have gotten together and have practiced for the concert or the live house performance and indeed they have grown bigger and bigger.
 How amazing they are!!
 Not only they are enjoying practicing for the concert and the live house performance, but they are giving happiness and also are sending the message of meaning in life to all the people.
 Yes, we, Mamas, are fans of SALSAGUMTAPE and we are so grateful to SALSAGUMTAPE members.